Monday, 28 February 2011

Abbott leaves Addicks

News came in this afternoon that Pawell Abbott has left to join Polish side Ruch Chorzow.  Although there have been a few rumours circulating the last couple of days, I am actually surprised that a deal was done.  We don't have a great deal of cover up front, particularly as Powell has been playing Eccleston, BWP plus one other striker which means without Pav we have no cover on the bench with Benson injured.

Maybe the management team know a bit more and have another loanee coming in.  If that is the case it seems a little odd because even though we've failed to convert our chances the last couple of games, I don't see our biggest problems with our strikers.  I guess we'll have to wait and see on this one.

Good luck to Abbott, things never really worked out for him at  Charlton but I wish him every success for the future.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Calamitous Weekend...

...which all started for me even before a ball was kicked.  With ticket in hand for the game I jumped in the car early afternoon to make my way to the match with time to spare when the first disaster strikes.  A quick word of advice, get those cam belts fixed folks, they might seem expensive, but it's nothing to what it costs when they go, as I found out to my detriment.  So I end up holed up in a hotel watching the game in a bar instead of cheering on the lads from the sidelines whilst the nice chaps in the garage go to work on the motor, thank you Sky for at least giving me the opportunity to see the action, such as it was.

It's far to late to give a match report and many of my fellow bloggers have already written some good pieces so I'll just add some of my thoughts into the mix.  We had some good fortune in the dawn of Powell's management career, but that has definitely turned on us of late.  There is clearly a case to build that their goalkeeper should have been given an early bath for the rugby tackle on BWP, not because there was no last man but because it was a nasty tackle and in my mind there was no argument for the keeper attempting to go for the ball, he just cynically took him out.  Still, the ref decided yellow was sufficient and the game went on with the clear indication that the luck we had enjoyed a few games previously had deserted us.  On another day we could have been playing against 10 men for the lions share of the game.

That said, there was no bad luck with regards to our finishing, it was just poor.  We squandered chance after chance in the first half despite having some great success with the ball over the top.  All of our attacking players were guilty of it.  Even if we were against ten men would we have scored?  Doubtful, it was one of those games where we could have been out there all night and still not find the back of the net.  We had some neat moves ruined by what I perceived to be some really desperate shooting.  Have the front men recently been put under excess pressure to perform?  It certainly looked that way as they seemed very nervy in front of goal.  Eccleston and Anyinsah were both lively and definitely caused problems, and we should have finished the first half at least one goal to the good.

Notts County are struggling for goals this season and they didn't look like scoring.   Our defence looked markedly improved from the Exeter game and they seemed to have all avenues covered, so it took a freak goal to put the hosts ahead (another slice of bad luck).  I thought we responded well initially and when the penalty came it was the perfect opportunity to get ourselves back into the game.  Without our clinical spot kick taker on the field BWP took up the mantle and took the penalty in a manner that typified the game for us.  There was no conviction about the shot, and it seemed to me that on a slow pitch he should have tried to either welly it or at least lift it into a corner, but instead it just trickled to Nelson who probably shouldn't have been there to stop it anyway.  For me the penalty changed the game.  Instead of it going in our favour we seemed to let it get to us and after that we were just taking pot shots from anywhere instead of trying to play people in.  The final whistle came and I would imagine the journey back home on the team bus was pretty quiet.

Saturday, after picking up the car from those fellas at the garage, and parting with more cash than I can afford right now, I make the trip to Stevenage to cover the Cheltenham Town game for my casual employer.  I got to witness one of my local sides get spanked by the Borough.  The agony continued to pour on me when I returned to see my front wheel clamped.  In my rush to get to the match I failed to see a tiny sign attached to a fence in the area I was parked.  I did wonder why there were no other cars around...  Sharks those clampers, £150.00 to release it.  Ouch, cars are an expensive luxury at times.

Poor performance from my car, my teams and from myself really gave me a weekend I would rather forget.  Roll on Tuesday!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Missed Chances

On a day that was meant to be a celebratory experience, where the Club tempted some fans back and all that was required was a win, we lost.  Still the scoreline definitely flattered the opposition.  I'm not saying they didn't play well, because they did, but it was more a case of poor defending and missed opportunities.

This is probably one of the better all round performances that we've displayed since Powell taking over.  By this I mean we played more consistently for longer periods of the game as opposed to our 30-40 minute showings.  Unfortunately our attacking players who managed to get in front of goal did not have their shooting boots on, we hit the bar a couple of times, hit the post and their keeper pulled off a stunning save, on another day the result could have been very different.  At least Bradley grabbed a consolation goal towards the end of the game to keep his confidence up.  Clearly it didn't help this result, but it might help him to find the net in the next game.

Our defensive errors were pretty basic.  Gary Doherty will be having nightmares about his back pass for years to come and Rob Elliot might need to hone his own tackling techniques in training next week.  Not that I blame Elliot for the goal of course, clearly the defence needed to do better.  All this does once again raise the issue that some extra quality is needed at the back.  Dailly and Doherty's experience can only go so far and I do think that we need to split up the partnership and add someone with a bit more about them.  I wouldn't be averse to sticking Matt Fry in to see how he does as centre-back is actually his favoured position.  If this isn't possible due to the lack of cover at left back (Bessone and Youga both injured) then we have to dip in to the loan market and bring someone in, although I'm not sure who would be available that could definitely improve the issue.

This result does obviously put more pressure on us.  We have a tricky tie against Notts County on Friday and we must pick up some kind of result.  We are out of the top six again and we need to stay in touch with those that are playing mid-week, and a win would help enormously.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Addicks vs Exeter

A bumper crowd is expected for this weekends clash with Exeter.  This is obviously thanks to the club reducing all tickets to a fiver, an excellent promotion to get the fans in to a game that would generally struggle with attendances.  Off the back of this comes the news that Season Ticket prices for next season have been slashed significantly, another welcome move by the Club.  Of course both promotions are to tempt those fans that left into returning in a bid to boost the revenue to assist with the money that needs to be spent on the club over the next few seasons.  Not a bad way to go about things, although clearly the best way to boost business is to improve your current product.  In our case it would be all about improving the team and their performances.

So with 20,000+ fans through the gate we absolutely need to put on a good show.  I can't see many fans wanting to commit themselves to paying up to £375 for a League One Season Ticket if they are not going to be entertained week in week out, so it's essential that we perform.  Exeter have already beaten us this season and are coming off the back of a 2-0 win against Notts County so I am sure they will have plenty of confidence. The reverse fixture at St. James' Park this season was no thriller,  and the only goal came through a penalty when Miguel Llera brought down one of their players inside the box.  No complaints about the penalty, it looked fair enough to me on the day, but it was a woeful display from Charlton.  We couldn't pass, we created very little and we generally looked all at sea.  Not a million miles from our last away performance against Hartlepool.

We have done well at home lately, winning our last three games, and I'm hoping that Chris Powell has everyone fired up ready for this one.  It was a real disappointment to lose the game in hand, but we now have a run of matches against teams in and around the bottom of the table which we must capitalise on.  We are looking for a response from the players.  They will have a stadium full of fans backing them so let's hope they go out and give us all the performance we desperately need to see.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Not good enough

Well we were bound to come down to earth with a bump at some point.  We enjoyed four straight wins since Chris Powell's appointment but a fifth was just too much to ask.  It's a real disappointment as I firmly believe that we need to pick up results against teams like Hartlepool if we are to progress.  Unfortunately however it seems that the opposition were better organised and simply wanted it more and ultimately deserved the win.

I'm not one of these people that suddenly thinks the world is going to end after one bad result.  There is a lot of football to be played yet, and it's doubtful that we will be the only team in the top six dropping points, but our general performance last night was the real worry.  After giving away a first half goal again and having another forgettable first half performance we gave ourselves a tough job and I for one was hoping of a repeat of the Peterborough match.  But it wasn't to be.  We did come out and start the second half with a bit of purpose and managed to grab the goal to get us back in the game, but it wasn't long before we slipped into bad habits.  We couldn't pass, there was no creativity and once Hartlepool grabbed their second goal there didn't seem like a way back for us.

Were we complacent?  Were we tired after playing on Saturday?  Either way we are going to need to do much much better.  If it was complacency then we need to be more focused.  No game in this league is a gimme and we need to have our minds firmly on the job.  More of a worry would be if it was tiredness.  We have an extremely congested fixture list coming up where we will be playing on a Saturday and in midweek for the most of March.  If they are already tired after one extra match we are in trouble when the fixture pile-up is upon us.  Of course it could also be that we are just not good enough and that we have been riding our luck more than some of us credited.  Time will tell on this one.

Whatever the issues are they need to be addressed and sorted out very quickly.  We have four matches coming up which in my opinion are all "must wins", starting with Exeter on Saturday.  There is going to be a huge crowd due to football for a fiver and we really need to show a dramatic improvement and get the right result.  It will be interesting to see how our new manager fares with getting a reaction from the players after their first loss under his tenure.  There is clearly a lot of work still to be done with this team and we need a fast resolution.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

5 out of 5?

I love my away games.  I live in a part of the Country with excellent access to the many of the football grounds in League One and I get to a good number of our away trips, but driving 4 hours and 30 minutes on a Tuesday night is just a step too far.  This fixture is one which should have taken place in December, and one I was due to go to, but was called off because of a frozen pitch.  Therefore it is a vital one to win.

All the teams above us have played more games.  We need to pick up points in these games to put the pressure on, and let's be honest this tie does give us a good chance to keep our momentum going.  Hartlepool aren't exactly in a rich vein of form right now so are pretty much there for the taking.  One win in their last nine matches is quite telling and their confidence should be pretty low after the 4-1 defeat dished out by Brighton at the weekend.  So this gives us an excellent chance to leapfrog Southampton in the table should we manage to pick up a win.

If we harbour ambitions to gain promotion this year, then it's teams like this that we absolutely have to beat.  This would be a good match to start to show that we are capable of putting in a performance over two halves and pick up a convincing win.  We need to show that we are going through positive changes as a team and club and prove to ourselves that we are good enough to beat anybody on their day through performances and not just good fortune.  It's important that the team earns some wins through good craft, hard work, and a bit of quality as it is through these things that players and teams get their confidence, and we are going to need bags of it in the weeks ahead.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the team that got us back into the Posh game walk out as the starting eleven, except with Fry replacing Bessone who still appears to be injured.  Abbott deserves a recall to the team and it seems as if Nathan Eccleston was far more effective on the wing than he was up front.  With this in mind, and the fact that Anyinsah and Benson are carrying knocks, Pav definitely seems in with a shout of getting a rare start.

It could be a lottery as to who plays from Hartlepool.  It's rumoured that Wadsworth may make sweeping changes in an attempt to stop the slide.  The monkey hangers have scored the fewest goals in League One this season and with Charlton scoring more on their travels than any other team, the omens aren't looking too bad.  Of course we have to watch out for complacency and be mindful that our opposition might just be out to prove they are better than their last result suggests.  Their last win at home should also make us take note as they defeated Colchester, a team that we played recently, and it has to be said struggled against at times.

A win is required, we are capable of getting it, but this is also a potential banana skin for us.  5 out of 5 for Powell?  It seems unlikely if I'm honest, but then so did 4 out of 4.  Our run of wins isn't going to last forever, but let's hope the bandwagon marches on for another few games at least.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Addicks 3 Posh 2

Yet another game where we only bothered to turn up for 45 minutes, yet still came away with the 3 points.  I'm struggling to find a reason why Powell can't get the team fired up from the start, his half time talks seem to motivate the players well enough so I have no idea why his pre-match talks wouldn't.  We need to be quicker out of the traps if we are to have any hope of getting out of this league.  It seems the Posh had the opportunities to be two or three up by half time, but lucky for us they only managed to bury one of their chances.  Peterborough have a leaky defence, and even when we went behind, I always knew we had a chance.  In our end of season push, we are going to meet teams with more solid back lines, and if we allow them to take the advantage we might not get back into the game.

I'm ok with the way we are winning at the moment, a win is a win as far as I am concerned.  There have been few grumblings elsewhere however that we have been fortunate, and I can't deny that we have been lucky, but we have also played some good football at times and definitely deserve some credit.  So it was really disappointing however to hear the boo's at half-time.  Sure they needed to do better, but we have a squad full of young players, they need confidence, they need to know we are behind them.

Apart from the lack of any real Charlton team appearing in the first half, there were a couple of other things which Powell might want to look at.  The way Tomlin was allowed to run with the ball for his goal wasn't too pleasing.  I would have expected someone to put in a challenge on him, but we stood off him and just invited the shot.  Also, when you have one of the leagues top scorers as your opponent, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on him.  Mackail-Smith managed to sneak into the box completely unmarked and was basically gifted another goal to add to his already considerable tally this season.

It was great to see Eccleston get a start, he has apparently been banging on Powell's door asking for a chance, and he really made the most of his opportunity and put in a fine display.  His work for the second goal was outstanding, and on that evidence Liverpool could have a real gem on their hands.  Not that I really care too much for Liverpool, I haven't really forgiven them for nicking Shelvey in the manner they did, I just want Nathan to keep getting games and turning in performances like that to help us on our way to the Championship.

Three games, three goals for Bradley, not much else we can ask from a striker.  He certainly is in a rich vein of form right now and long may it continue as we are going to need his goals in order to push on.  There is still a long way to go yet however and it will be interesting to see how Chris Powell deals with his first loss (it's bound to come at some point) and how he manages to get the boys over it and up for the next match.  It all still feels like a honeymoon period at the moment, and there is clearly a lot of work to do, but we are making progress and we are moving up the table.

Last word for Pawel Abbott.  Hasn't played much football for us lately, and I have to say that he has never really convinced me when he has, but by all accounts he really helped us turn the game with his aerial presence and his ability to bring others into the game.  He might well have given Powell food for thought when he comes to picking his team for the Hartlepool game on Tuesday.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Addicks vs Peterborough

There is a lot riding on this game.  Not only will it be a good yardstick of how far we have come since Chris Powell and Co. took the reins, but we could also lose some ground in the race for the play offs.  No disrespect to the other teams we have played, but tomorrow's opponents are definitely the toughest we face since bringing our new man on board.  We are only three points ahead of the Posh so obviously a win will see them leap-frog us in the table.  At this stage of the season we need to keep putting points those points on the board.

I think it's doubtful that we can expect another 5-1 drubbing of Peterborough.  Darren Ferguson's return to the Posh has reinvigorated them and they have picked up some good results lately.  Their best form however has come at home, and they have struggled in away matches for much of the season winning only three from twelve matches.  In terms of goals, Peterborough really know where the back of the net is.  They've scored 60 goals so far this season, more than anybody else in the division, but they definitely have a problem keeping them out the other end too, hence their goal difference of only +5.  Reminiscent of Keegan's Man City side in a way.

We are obviously on a bit of a winning streak at the moment, but we have had a nice slice of luck helping us along.  It's going to be a very tough game, and an interesting one.  We are going to have to perform well if we are hopeful of a win, we can't keep riding our luck forever.  Unfortunately I'm not able to attend but I'll definitely be listening via the web and hoping that we can get the right result.

Twitter, loans and a bit more.

So the midweek Q&A session came and went with very little controversy and by all accounts was a real success.  It sounds to me as if Michael Slater is making all the right noises at the moment.  Surprising to some I would imagine as there was some suspicion regarding Slater's intentions initially.   Although not able to attend the event myself, current technology allowed me to keep up to date with the issues using my mobile phone.  Yes, love it or hate it Twitter does have it's uses.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that were going out of their way to share the information particularly @AndyLopata and @mattfricker who were probably two of the most consistent tweeters.

So news of a new big screen was welcomed.  I remember when the original one was installed, it really made me start to feel like we were a proper Premier League side.  Most other grounds had one at the time so it was almost like we were finally becoming an established side in the nations top division.  How things have changed since.  I do however feel that it is a positive step by the Board and definitely a show of it's intentions for the future of the club.

The transfer window for loan signings officially opened this week and it was great to hear news last night that we have secured the services of Matt Fry a little bit longer.  Matt has been pretty solid in most of his appearances for us.  His most hair raising moment came last week at Yeovil when he almost scored a cracking goal, albeit in the back of his own net, it took Rob Elliot to come up with a superb save to prevent the blushes.  I'm glad that the two clubs were able to do a deal and I'm sure Matt will be appearing for us a good many times before the loan expires.

As far as other deals go not much seems to be happening.  Rumours were doing the rounds that Jason Euell might be making a return to The Valley, but Powell seems to have put the kibosh on that with his recent comments so I guess it's a case of wait and see if anything else happens.  We seem to have some decent players sitting on the bench right now, although there are some congested fixtures ahead, particularly in March where we have 4 Saturday games plus 4 midweek games throughout the month.  Hopefully we'll have the legs for it and not get unlucky with injuries  I believe we have up until 24th March to bring people in should it be required.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yeovil 0 Addicks 1

I had a bit of a sleepless night on Friday.  Nothing to do with the game, but it was exceptionally windy here in the West Country and the wind really whistles around the gables on the roof of my house often waking me up.  I knew in the early hours that the match conditions were going to be tough, and they proved exactly that.

The first half was pretty awful to be fair. Not a single shot on goal from Charlton.  In fact we couldn't get hold of the ball, and when we did we couldn't string a couple of passes together.  There were lots of balls to nowhere and nobody and we looked like a League Two outfit at times.  I wonder how much of the problem was that we were kicking into the wind which I imagine was making life particularly difficult.  The hosts definitely had the better of the play though and managed to get a few half decent chances, but their finishing just wasn't up to the task and everything was going wide.

When the half time whistle came it was a relief for everyone.  Not just because of the lack of anything interesting happening on the pitch but because the cold was absolutely biting.  My hands were frozen solid and I could barely even press the screen on my phone to make my notes.  I was desperate for a hot drink and despite how lousy the coffee was in the ground I grabbed another cup anyway.  Somehow it tasted pretty good.  I doubt it was actually any different, but was more of a sign that my vitals had deteriorated somewhat since the start of the match.  It was wet and warm however and definitely perked me up.

Second half and right from the kick off you could see there was a bit more about us.  I'm not saying we looked like world beaters or anything but there was clearly more urgency to our play.  Early on Joe Anyinsah found Wright-Phillips in some space and with around 800 fans screaming for him to find the back of the net, he somehow put it wide to the disappointment of all and sundry.  It wasn't a major issue though as around 10 minutes later a Johnnie Jackson corner was nicely finished by BWP showing us that he ain't a bad header of the ball either!

Yeovil started to get desperate after the goal.  They threw everything at us but you could see them frustrating themselves and appealing for just about everything.  Did Dailly handball it?  I dunno, a few people around me seemed to think so.  Doherty was probably a bit fortunate not to be sent off as after already being booked in the first half he had a kick at one of their players but the ref seemed to think it was ok.  We definitely rode our luck at times.  The game did become sloppy but we had our fair share of defending to do, which I might add we did extremely well.  Rob Elliot also contributed by making an excellent save towards the end.

Overall I think if Yeovil had a more clinical striker we might have faced a stiffer test today.  Despite some good attacking play they just didn't seem to have anybody who was able enough to put the ball in the net.  From a Charlton point of view the win is the most important thing.  I can't help noticing that so far all three first half performances under the new boss have been quite lacklustre, something that definitely needs to change going forward.  We are winning ugly at the moment, but we have had some difficult games, and we need to remember that Yeovil have been in a bit of a purple patch of late so we should be pleased with the result today, even if it was just a reward for some good old fashioned graft in the second half.

I felt sorry for Alan Mc, looked like he pulled a hamstring or something, he had put in some decent displays in the last few games so he must be disappointed.  Racon did well when he came on though.  My man of the match however goes to our Bradley.  It showed more than a bit of character to come back and score after his first miss.  He was always putting pressure on the opposition defenders and he looks pretty settled already despite this only being his second game.

Chris Powell must have been delighted.  That's three games, three wins.  What a superb start to life as boss of the greatest club in the world...

Friday, 4 February 2011

Vids and Memories.....

So I was trawling the internet looking for interesting content in my usual fashion and came across this site with some great vids with some classic dives.  Pick of the bunch for me was this little gem from Emerson Acuña who threw himself to the floor when all the defenders were miles away from him.

Anyway it got me thinking about any particularly cynical dives of note either by or against Charlton players so I decided to have a look on You Tube to see what I could find.  It didn't take long to realise that it was a fruitless exercise, mostly because there aren't a great deal of Charlton vids around, and when we do appear it's mostly as opponents with people like Ginola or Ronaldo making monkeys of us.  I did find a few gems however and thought that I might share them.  I'm sure we all remember them very well but it did give me a warm feeling inside.

Chelsea vs Charlton - Carling Cup

I remember this night particularly well.  I couldn't make it to the game so was listening to it over the internet.  I know how tense I felt sitting in front of my PC, fingernails getting shorter and shorter so you fans that were actually inside Stamford Bridge must have been in one hell of a state.

Claus Jensen vs Arsenal

This game was televised, I was in a room with one other Charlton fan and 4 Arsenal fans, all mates of mine at the time.  This goal was an absolute peach and one of the best I've seen from a Charlton player.

Shaun Bartlett vs Leicester

I was at this game, it was during the time I was an East Stand season ticket holder.  Amazing goal and I never really thought Graham Stuart got the recognition he deserved as it was such a fantastic ball.  Apoligies for the quality of this one, unfortunately there wasn't better available.

1998 Playoff Final

Couldn't  have a section on vids and not give this a mention.  There's little for me to say about this one but still one of my strongest memories is the compassion I felt for the Sunderland fans, and how superb they all were afterwards.  We all went through the mill in stadium that day, there was definitely a connection.

Anyway, enjoy.  Let's hope Chrissie Powell can bring us back the good times again starting with his first away win as Addicks boss!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Addicks vs Yeovil Town

It's going to be a stiff test down at Huish Park this weekend.  Yeovil have played 8 games this year and have only lost once.  Despite their run of form, you could argue that the majority of the teams they have beaten, with the exception of MK Dons, have been in the lower third of the table.  They are however coming off the back of a win against rivals Plymouth Argyle, so they will have plenty of confidence going into the game, and you can bet their fans will be right behind them.

Being a West Country inhabitant it's a team I've seen a fair bit of over the years, and I've covered their games often for various South West publications.  They are a passionate lot and really love their football.  Terry Skiverton's got them on a great run.  They are a decent footballing side and will be a tough outfit to break down.

A couple of players to keep an eye on.  Their top scorer is Dean Bowditch who has spent most of his career thus far at Ipswich.  He can be tough to keep a handle on and has grabbed 8 goals so far this season.  Paul Huntingdon is another one to watch out for.  Former Clubs include Leeds United and Newcastle United, and he has just been nominated January's player of the month award.  A decent defender who also gets a few goals.

I'm looking forward to the game and have had my ticket burning a hole in my pocket for a while.  It will be interesting to see how many Addicks turn up.  We've had almost 2000 tickets allocated but I'll be amazed if even bring half of that.

I hope Sir Chris has the troops fully prepared for this one.  It's his first awayday as manager and he is probably going to be asked some different questions, which he must have the answers to if we are to pick up the win.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Addicks 1 Colchester 0

One nil at home?  Thank you VERY much Mr Sheldrake, you can come again...that is if you still have a job after that charade yesterday.  I'm sure we're all happy to have grabbed the three points, but I can't even imagine how bad the Colchester fans must have been feeling after that one.

Did you see how Powell reacted when the ref changed his mind and gave the goal??  If anyone still harboured any thoughts that Chris was "too nice" I think they will definitely be reviewing their assessment of him after that.  I don't think I've ever seen him so narked.

It's clear we aren't completely on top of our game, but the fact we have now won two on the spin without hitting our peak bodes well for the rest of the season.  If Chrissie can get everyone firing on all cylinders we can give ourselves an excellent chance of getting out of this league.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Addicks vs Colchester

Odd that we are playing Colchester United again so soon, it's not often you get a reverse fixture within a month, I'll never understand how these things work.  The last match had plenty in the way of goals but also plenty of defensive cock ups.  Let's hope that we can close the back door and still bang in a few goals this time, although I'm not expecting the U's to be a pushover.

Despite Dave Mooney having a go at a section of our fans I don't think he is going to be the main pre-match talking point.  With the new signings added to the squad, the return of Paul Benson from suspension and Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston scoring on his debut, Chrissie Powell already seems to have a headache about who to play up front.  Bradley-Wright Phillips seems a favourite, with his 13 goals already this season it would be hard not to give him his own debut.

It's also probably fair to say that the first half formation against Plymouth didn't work out as planned and we actually looked a far better side once we switched it in the second half.  Personally I'm not convinced about playing one up front in home games.  The onus should be on us to go after the opposition and keep them on the back foot.  Let's hope that Powell feels the same and he puts a positive side out there and they manage to give him his second win as Addicks boss.

New kid here...

Despite a selection of high quality Addicks blogs, I thought I would throw my own hat into the ring and hopefully offer some interesting insight into Charlton issues.  A bit about me.  SE7 born and bred, I decided to up sticks and move to the West Country some 10 years ago.  I get to most away games and grab the opportunity of a home game everytime my missus drags me back to London to see the family.

I've been writing for the Sports section of my local rag for the past 8 years and am lucky to have some good friends in and around football.  I'm currently semi-retired and I am finding I have more and more spare time on my hands so I'm hoping I can fill some of that with some random prattling via this new blog.