Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Addicks vs Colchester

Odd that we are playing Colchester United again so soon, it's not often you get a reverse fixture within a month, I'll never understand how these things work.  The last match had plenty in the way of goals but also plenty of defensive cock ups.  Let's hope that we can close the back door and still bang in a few goals this time, although I'm not expecting the U's to be a pushover.

Despite Dave Mooney having a go at a section of our fans I don't think he is going to be the main pre-match talking point.  With the new signings added to the squad, the return of Paul Benson from suspension and Liverpool's Nathan Eccleston scoring on his debut, Chrissie Powell already seems to have a headache about who to play up front.  Bradley-Wright Phillips seems a favourite, with his 13 goals already this season it would be hard not to give him his own debut.

It's also probably fair to say that the first half formation against Plymouth didn't work out as planned and we actually looked a far better side once we switched it in the second half.  Personally I'm not convinced about playing one up front in home games.  The onus should be on us to go after the opposition and keep them on the back foot.  Let's hope that Powell feels the same and he puts a positive side out there and they manage to give him his second win as Addicks boss.

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