Sunday, 27 February 2011

Calamitous Weekend...

...which all started for me even before a ball was kicked.  With ticket in hand for the game I jumped in the car early afternoon to make my way to the match with time to spare when the first disaster strikes.  A quick word of advice, get those cam belts fixed folks, they might seem expensive, but it's nothing to what it costs when they go, as I found out to my detriment.  So I end up holed up in a hotel watching the game in a bar instead of cheering on the lads from the sidelines whilst the nice chaps in the garage go to work on the motor, thank you Sky for at least giving me the opportunity to see the action, such as it was.

It's far to late to give a match report and many of my fellow bloggers have already written some good pieces so I'll just add some of my thoughts into the mix.  We had some good fortune in the dawn of Powell's management career, but that has definitely turned on us of late.  There is clearly a case to build that their goalkeeper should have been given an early bath for the rugby tackle on BWP, not because there was no last man but because it was a nasty tackle and in my mind there was no argument for the keeper attempting to go for the ball, he just cynically took him out.  Still, the ref decided yellow was sufficient and the game went on with the clear indication that the luck we had enjoyed a few games previously had deserted us.  On another day we could have been playing against 10 men for the lions share of the game.

That said, there was no bad luck with regards to our finishing, it was just poor.  We squandered chance after chance in the first half despite having some great success with the ball over the top.  All of our attacking players were guilty of it.  Even if we were against ten men would we have scored?  Doubtful, it was one of those games where we could have been out there all night and still not find the back of the net.  We had some neat moves ruined by what I perceived to be some really desperate shooting.  Have the front men recently been put under excess pressure to perform?  It certainly looked that way as they seemed very nervy in front of goal.  Eccleston and Anyinsah were both lively and definitely caused problems, and we should have finished the first half at least one goal to the good.

Notts County are struggling for goals this season and they didn't look like scoring.   Our defence looked markedly improved from the Exeter game and they seemed to have all avenues covered, so it took a freak goal to put the hosts ahead (another slice of bad luck).  I thought we responded well initially and when the penalty came it was the perfect opportunity to get ourselves back into the game.  Without our clinical spot kick taker on the field BWP took up the mantle and took the penalty in a manner that typified the game for us.  There was no conviction about the shot, and it seemed to me that on a slow pitch he should have tried to either welly it or at least lift it into a corner, but instead it just trickled to Nelson who probably shouldn't have been there to stop it anyway.  For me the penalty changed the game.  Instead of it going in our favour we seemed to let it get to us and after that we were just taking pot shots from anywhere instead of trying to play people in.  The final whistle came and I would imagine the journey back home on the team bus was pretty quiet.

Saturday, after picking up the car from those fellas at the garage, and parting with more cash than I can afford right now, I make the trip to Stevenage to cover the Cheltenham Town game for my casual employer.  I got to witness one of my local sides get spanked by the Borough.  The agony continued to pour on me when I returned to see my front wheel clamped.  In my rush to get to the match I failed to see a tiny sign attached to a fence in the area I was parked.  I did wonder why there were no other cars around...  Sharks those clampers, £150.00 to release it.  Ouch, cars are an expensive luxury at times.

Poor performance from my car, my teams and from myself really gave me a weekend I would rather forget.  Roll on Tuesday!

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