Saturday, 5 February 2011

Yeovil 0 Addicks 1

I had a bit of a sleepless night on Friday.  Nothing to do with the game, but it was exceptionally windy here in the West Country and the wind really whistles around the gables on the roof of my house often waking me up.  I knew in the early hours that the match conditions were going to be tough, and they proved exactly that.

The first half was pretty awful to be fair. Not a single shot on goal from Charlton.  In fact we couldn't get hold of the ball, and when we did we couldn't string a couple of passes together.  There were lots of balls to nowhere and nobody and we looked like a League Two outfit at times.  I wonder how much of the problem was that we were kicking into the wind which I imagine was making life particularly difficult.  The hosts definitely had the better of the play though and managed to get a few half decent chances, but their finishing just wasn't up to the task and everything was going wide.

When the half time whistle came it was a relief for everyone.  Not just because of the lack of anything interesting happening on the pitch but because the cold was absolutely biting.  My hands were frozen solid and I could barely even press the screen on my phone to make my notes.  I was desperate for a hot drink and despite how lousy the coffee was in the ground I grabbed another cup anyway.  Somehow it tasted pretty good.  I doubt it was actually any different, but was more of a sign that my vitals had deteriorated somewhat since the start of the match.  It was wet and warm however and definitely perked me up.

Second half and right from the kick off you could see there was a bit more about us.  I'm not saying we looked like world beaters or anything but there was clearly more urgency to our play.  Early on Joe Anyinsah found Wright-Phillips in some space and with around 800 fans screaming for him to find the back of the net, he somehow put it wide to the disappointment of all and sundry.  It wasn't a major issue though as around 10 minutes later a Johnnie Jackson corner was nicely finished by BWP showing us that he ain't a bad header of the ball either!

Yeovil started to get desperate after the goal.  They threw everything at us but you could see them frustrating themselves and appealing for just about everything.  Did Dailly handball it?  I dunno, a few people around me seemed to think so.  Doherty was probably a bit fortunate not to be sent off as after already being booked in the first half he had a kick at one of their players but the ref seemed to think it was ok.  We definitely rode our luck at times.  The game did become sloppy but we had our fair share of defending to do, which I might add we did extremely well.  Rob Elliot also contributed by making an excellent save towards the end.

Overall I think if Yeovil had a more clinical striker we might have faced a stiffer test today.  Despite some good attacking play they just didn't seem to have anybody who was able enough to put the ball in the net.  From a Charlton point of view the win is the most important thing.  I can't help noticing that so far all three first half performances under the new boss have been quite lacklustre, something that definitely needs to change going forward.  We are winning ugly at the moment, but we have had some difficult games, and we need to remember that Yeovil have been in a bit of a purple patch of late so we should be pleased with the result today, even if it was just a reward for some good old fashioned graft in the second half.

I felt sorry for Alan Mc, looked like he pulled a hamstring or something, he had put in some decent displays in the last few games so he must be disappointed.  Racon did well when he came on though.  My man of the match however goes to our Bradley.  It showed more than a bit of character to come back and score after his first miss.  He was always putting pressure on the opposition defenders and he looks pretty settled already despite this only being his second game.

Chris Powell must have been delighted.  That's three games, three wins.  What a superb start to life as boss of the greatest club in the world...


  1. Great analysis of the game. Agree that if Yeovil had a decent striker they would have been too far ahead and deservedly so. I saw the game at Exeter and the volleyball/route1 approach does not make good football. We can only live in hope that the new man turns it around.

  2. Thanks for the report Exiled. Hope you have now warmed up!

  3. @ Anyonymous - I too was at the Exeter game and definitely echo your thoughts. I guess we do also need to remember however that we are not the team we once were, and we are also playing teams with few resources so it's not always going to be pretty.

    The crucial thing yesterday however was that we still managed to grab the win. It may not always be that way.

    @ ChicagoAddick - Thanks CA it didn't take too long to warm up. Volvos have tremendous heaters and each hand had regular turns of being on the vents!