Friday, 4 February 2011

Vids and Memories.....

So I was trawling the internet looking for interesting content in my usual fashion and came across this site with some great vids with some classic dives.  Pick of the bunch for me was this little gem from Emerson Acuña who threw himself to the floor when all the defenders were miles away from him.

Anyway it got me thinking about any particularly cynical dives of note either by or against Charlton players so I decided to have a look on You Tube to see what I could find.  It didn't take long to realise that it was a fruitless exercise, mostly because there aren't a great deal of Charlton vids around, and when we do appear it's mostly as opponents with people like Ginola or Ronaldo making monkeys of us.  I did find a few gems however and thought that I might share them.  I'm sure we all remember them very well but it did give me a warm feeling inside.

Chelsea vs Charlton - Carling Cup

I remember this night particularly well.  I couldn't make it to the game so was listening to it over the internet.  I know how tense I felt sitting in front of my PC, fingernails getting shorter and shorter so you fans that were actually inside Stamford Bridge must have been in one hell of a state.

Claus Jensen vs Arsenal

This game was televised, I was in a room with one other Charlton fan and 4 Arsenal fans, all mates of mine at the time.  This goal was an absolute peach and one of the best I've seen from a Charlton player.

Shaun Bartlett vs Leicester

I was at this game, it was during the time I was an East Stand season ticket holder.  Amazing goal and I never really thought Graham Stuart got the recognition he deserved as it was such a fantastic ball.  Apoligies for the quality of this one, unfortunately there wasn't better available.

1998 Playoff Final

Couldn't  have a section on vids and not give this a mention.  There's little for me to say about this one but still one of my strongest memories is the compassion I felt for the Sunderland fans, and how superb they all were afterwards.  We all went through the mill in stadium that day, there was definitely a connection.

Anyway, enjoy.  Let's hope Chrissie Powell can bring us back the good times again starting with his first away win as Addicks boss!

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