Monday, 28 March 2011

Rochdale vs Addicks

Rochdale on a Tuesday night?  No thanks.  Even on a Saturday it isn't a pleasant drive from here in the West Country to Lancashire, so the fact that I'm going to be out of the Country gives me the best excuse as to why I can't make the long journey to Spotland.  I salute all those Addicks fans that do make it there of course, and the team should also be exceptionally grateful that you made the long trip to support them. 

Hopefully it's 3rd time lucky in terms of the game going ahead as it's already been called off twice.  Bad weather in December and January led to the meeting being postponed until now, and actually it has put a lot more pressure on us during this run-in than necessary.  We've just played two of the top 6 teams in the division, and managed to get two hard fought draws, so coming up against Rochdale now is going to be particularly difficult. 

Our hosts have won their last three matches so I expect them to have plenty of confidence.  They will also be bhoyed by the fact that we have won only one away game this year (Yeovil) and prior to that we have to go back as far as November and the 5-1 win at Peterborough to find another away win.  Doesn't make good reading.  Particularly as we are now desperate for some points, not because we can achieve anything with them, but so we can salvage some pride and finish the season with a flourish.

We don't generally do well up north, so it would be a huge ask to expect the lads to grab us all three points.  But the main issue for me is for us to  keep our tempo to the levels of the previous games and to keep the fighting spirit going.  A win is long overdue, it might be too much to expect it to come tomorrow night, but i'll have my fingers crossed that we get the right result.  Unfortunately for me, either way I may not be able to share my thoughts via this blog.   As I mentioned earlier I will be out of the Country and although I'll have my laptop with me I have been warned that the internet connections in darkest Peru can be a bit dodgy.  My brother who I'm visiting for a while tells me the connection can be quite intermittent, so it's even possible I might not get the result for a few days.  Let's hope I get lucky!

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