Sunday, 13 March 2011

Team selection needs to improve

Unfortunately a family wedding in Scotland kept me away from the match on Saturday and also meant I have been unable to post anything until now.  Fortunately for me I was able to keep up with much of the action via twitter, despite keep getting jabbed in the ribs from my wife for constantly fiddling with my phone.  Thanks to the CAFC twitter community for keeping be updated!

Saturday's result was obviously a disappointment, but what was more annoying was the fact that despite the obvious issues, Powell persisted with the same old faces in midfield that have been letting us down for weeks now.  I was hoping to see Parrett make his debut as quite honestly we are in dire need of changes in this particular area.  McCormack has proved time after time that he is just not good enough.  I think Powell has given him a fair crack of the whip and he has done absolutely nothing to stake a claim to a spot in the starting XI. 

I think that Powell's recent team selections are starting to show his naivety as a manager.  It seems at the moment that he either cannot see what the fans can, or he is trying to give players too much time to prove themselves.  Reading the team selection before the start of the match I was at a loss to see how Francis had been dropped but McCormack managed to secure his place.  Both players have been equally poor and neither deserve a place in the team in my opinion.  I am also amazed that Eccleston isn't getting much of a look in.  Powell decided to go for a player who has done no training with the team (Nouble) over Eccleston who has been with us for some time now and who does actually look dangerous at times, despite constantly being played out of position.  It's a bit of a puzzle.

Two plus points in terms of team selection both came about by accident.  Both Llera and Solly have been drafted back in due to injuries.  Llera has now had a few solid games and Solly is meant to have done well after replacing the injured Jenkinson.

The season is now ebbing away, and actually I would be happier with knowing we are staying in this league for another season if I could see some clear direction in where the team is going.  Our manager is new, inexperienced and of course is going to make errors, and we should be able to forgive him for that.  But in order for us to keep giving him the support he needs we must show us that he is learning and putting what he has learned into action.  Picking players that fail in their task week after week is not a good base to start from.  If we want to win games, it's imperative that we have the right players on the field to start with.

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