Friday, 11 March 2011

Vetere's return a cause for concern?

Found this article whilst trawling the internet for stories of interest.  Seems that Jeff Vetere is again back at the Club but this time in a very different capacity.  When he was with us previously he did a lot of work with the youth team.  Vetere was clearly a man that Curbs had some respect for because after he moved to West Ham he took Vetere with him as an overseas scout, and Grant Basey attributed his own development to Vetere too, so the guy does have some credibility, but I do have a few worries about this latest appointment.

Vetere was recruited by Newcastle and given a role alongside Dennis Wise and our very own Tony Jiminez to form the "executive scouting team" and were put in charge of signing players for the club.  As we are all aware Keegan was not happy at these appointments.  It was all done by the board as they were looking to put together a similar system to what the overseas Clubs have.  The major concern here is that these types of things undermine the manager and generally go on to cause wider problems within the club.  Keegan left Newcastle a matter of months after this team being employed by Newcastle and he made no secret of the fact that a large factor in him leaving was due to this panel (but particularly Wise) being appointed.

I don't know exactly what Vetere's remit is and how much that could interfere with the manager's job, or indeed if even Powell was aware of the coming appointment nor whether he approves, but it is something that we should keep a close eye on.  We already have Keith Peacock as Techincal Director, did we need anyone else?  It's a bit of an odd one.  Especially since Vetere was appointed as Head Scout by Aston Villa in November and was tasked with "setting up a worldwide player recruitment network".  Didn't last long did it? Surely he can't have done that in the space of four months?  Why is he leaving so soon, it's not like Charlton are a step up is it?  More money?  Doing a bad job at Villa?  The Villa fans don't seem impressed by either him leaving so soon, nor at his contribution since joining them.  None of these reasons seem positive from a Charlton point of view.

Ask the Newcastle fans what they thought of Vetere and Co. and the quality of the signings they brought in - Spaniard Xisco (a £6m flop) and loan signing Ignacio Gonzalez. Both were brought in without Keegan's consent I might add.  These were also the men behind the decision to sell James Milner.  Doesn't look too good does it?  We will have two out of three of that panel making decisions for Charlton from now on.

It's puzzling to know exactly why he has come back to us.  This is a guy who has worked for Real Madrid and is said to have "an encyclopaedic knowledge of footballers around the world, and is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian".  If his knowledge is so vast and his experience so great, why isn't he using that at one of the worlds larger clubs?  Something doesn't sit right with me about this latest news.  Not only for the reasons surrounding the appointment, but the effect that it could have on the club as a whole.

Of course this could all turn out to be a master stroke by the club and my worries are for nothing, but I can't help feeling more than a little skeptical.


  1. Nothing has "sat right" with me since the new managment took over including the appointment of Powell. Actually especially the appointment of Powell. I said then that we were being set up for something else.I really expected Wise to get the Director role after a reasonable period but this is just as bad. If something does not feel right its because its not right.

  2. It crossed my mind that Powell was appointed to sell season tickets, then he would be pushed aside to reveal the Board's true intent. It could be that Powell has twigged this and has allowed recent performances to put a major spanner in the works.

  3. It certainly does make you wonder. I have considered the possibility of the board appointing Powell for the fans knowing that if it all goes pear shaped they can then say

    "We appointed Powell for the fans, it didn't work out and we are now appointing a Manager that we feel has the experience to get us out of the mess we are in". Enter Dennis Wise....

  4. LOL Do you folks watch a lot of Soap Operas?

  5. Soap operas maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that something stinks.

    Good blog mate, nice to see something a little different being written for a change.

  6. Funny there has been no announcement of this appointment by the club. Makes you think that they were trying to do this bit of business as quietly as possible.