Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Home Sweet Home

I had a wonderful day at The Valley yesterday.  I was hoping for my last visit of the year to yield us the three points and I wasn't disappointed.  I really don't get to The Valley enough, and as much as I enjoy the away games I go to, there is nothing better than being at home.  I think the weather helped things a fair bit, it's normally a great atmosphere when the sun is shining, and although the attendance was definitely down on other matches I've been to this year, the fans were in good good spirits as our recent performances have been decent, despite the wrong results.

From kick off we looked good.  Gone are the days of Parkinsons long ball tactics and we can now actually enjoy some decent passing football once again.  It's taken a while to get there, but we are now starting to show that we have adapted to this type of game and our performances have improved dramatically of late, even if the results haven't.  With the extra funds being made available in the summer we should be able to bring in enough quality to ensure we can get ourselves out of this league.

We might miss a couple of our loanees however.  Eccleston has contributed a fair bit since his arrival, despite not playing as much as many of our supporters would like.  It seems to me that if he had played a bit more, we would have picked up a few more positive results.  I'm not sure why Powell hasn't given him more of a chance, I have pondered whether he was a Jiminez signing and Powell has been using him sparingly in protest, but the truth is, only the Manager knows.  I've always thought Eccleston worked hard, links up play very well and creates some good opportunities even if his finishing isn't that consistent.

Dean Parrett has done well since his arrival also.  Despite a few games out with a knock, when he has been fit he has played, and for someone so young, he has a cool head on his shoulders and is always looking for a forward pass.  His goal on Saturday also shows that he has composure in front of goal.  I can definitely see him becoming a regular at White Hart Lane in the near future.

Federico Bessone, though he might not have been as high quality as the Liverpool and Spurs players, he has been fairly solid at the back.  He is prone to being caught out of position, but he does travel forward well with the ball and his passing and crossing is pretty decent too.  Personally I would rather see Kelly Youga in the left-back position and I hope he makes a full recovery and takes his place back, but Bessone has definitely been a worthy understudy.

With Parrett and Eccleston's positive impact on the team, the Manager is going to find it hard to replace them.  It's possible that Powell will be able to tie up one of the players on another loan deal for next season, although there will be plenty of clubs interested. But I can't see Eccleston wanting to return as he just hasn't been used as much as he should have, despite putting in the performances when he did get a chance.

Just a quick word about John Sullivan.  He has only had a few games but has impressed me greatly.  I'm not sure what the deal is at Millwall, but I would love us to see if there is a way of prising him away.  I like Rob Elliot, but I do think that Sullivan looks much more comfortable on crosses and his shot stopping is clearly very good.

A tricky away fixture at Walsall beckons on Saturday.  Walsall need to win to keep their League One hopes alive.  I'm extremely hopeful for an Addicks win for two reasons.  Firstly, to finish off the season in a positive way, and to help Dagenham and Redbridge to survive.  Although I've got no real love for the Daggers, I would like to see them stay up over the others that are in the mix.  Another performance like yesterday would surely be enough to secure the points.


  1. I think CP has tried to look at the players he needs to make a decision on at end of season, hence Solly on the bench to look at Francis. NE less likely to return than Parrett, Sullivan out of contract in June I believe.

  2. I wouldn't disagree. Where does that leave Reid then I wonder? Great goal, poor sending off and must take some of the responsibility for throwing away 3 points.