Sunday, 10 April 2011

Roll on summer

So I guess we are at that stage of the season where neither wins or draws mean a lot.  We can just keep striking off the games and looking forward to the summer break.  Powell has a chance to have a last good look at his players and make the final verdicts on who stays and who goes at the end of the season.  There will be some possibly disappointed not to get a contract renewal, there may be some of us fans disappointed that some of the players we like didn't get a contract renewal, and there might even be some players relieved to get away from the club, but it's clear that there will be some movement in the close season.

We earned a good draw on Saturday.  I don't actually care about the points any longer, but the fact that the players had good heart and dug in well for almost an hour was good to hear.  I've been advocating for some time that the players need to start giving a bit more, and clearly on Saturday the did just that.  Dailly showed that experience does not count for everything in football.  His sending off was a bit silly, but I think I might have had a similar reaction if I'd taken a kick to the head as he did.  The 10 men left on the field however gave everything and kept the scores level to walk away with our first 0-0 draw in the league this season.

So next game to chalk off will be Huddersfield at The Valley next Saturday, a game that Town will want to win as they are still vying for an automatic promotion place.  For Charlton it's all about pride.  I'm not sure that will be motivation enough to see off our opposition as they have an awful lot more to play for.

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