Thursday, 26 May 2011

And so it begins.

Wholesale changes in the squad have been mentioned and with many players out of contract at the end of June we expected to see some new faces, just maybe not so soon.

Danny Hollands in my opinion is an excellent signing.  Young, hungry, good on the ball, high work-rate, and not a bad shot on him either!  He is definitely the sort of player that we need at the Club, and I'm looking forward to see him do the business in a Charlton shirt.

Bradley Pritchard is probably a punt..  He did well in a trial, did well in the conference league, we probably got him cheap so Powell thought what the hell, give him a shot.  I've go no issue with that.  We are going to need cover and who knows, he may fit in well at this level.

Nick Pope is Ross Worner's replacement.  After letting Ross go, it was a given that we would see another goalkeeper arrive.  I was expecting to see Millwall's John Sullivan who we had on loan towards the end of the season, so I was surprised to see this chap's name linked with us.  I don't know too much about him, so we'll have to keep a close eye on how he develops.  There still may be room to bring in Sullivan, who knows.

Not a bad start in terms of signings.  I expect we'll see more over the coming weeks and months but I am hoping that we see more signings like Danny Hollands than Bradley Pritchard.  That's not a slur on Pritchard of course, I mean he may well be a very capable player, but if we are to hit our target of promotion we are going to need people with experience.

Without knowing for definite which out of contract players will be leaving us, it's hard to predict which positions the manger is looking to fill, but I definitely want to see a decent centre back come in.  Even if Dailly does stay with us, we need a young pair of legs at the back to do the running for him.  I would also like to see us bring in another winger.  When Jackson is fit and playing again we look decent from the left, but nobody has ever taken their chance and made the right wing spot their own.  There has been some talk of Yannick Bolasie of Plymouth, but with Brighton and Southampton said to be interested, we might lose out on that one.

Whoever comes in, I just hope that they have the proper attitude.  We have suffered over the last few years by having players who maybe thought they were better than the level they were playing at.  We now need to find some hungry players with a point to prove and who are willing to roll their sleeves up when necessary.

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  1. Definatley agree about getting some true 'charlton' type players into the fold. I may upset some, but as good as he was, Nicky Bailey did act like he was a bit of a Charlie big potatoes (he was infact a very good third tier player signed from a third tier team with a bit of potential). And this type of player has been a problem ever since Dowie spent all the family silver. (and Pardew spent the reserve and used the overdraft facility). CP seems to understand the extra dynamic good players who want to kick on bring to the table. I'm starting to feel that after the last horrid few years this may just be the turning point.