Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Double Deal

Although unconfirmed as yet by the club, it seems we have now acquired the services of both Danny Green from the Daggers and Dale Stephens from Oldham Athletic.

Green seems a really good prospect and is well thought of by John Still.  Green plays down the right wing, has a great cross a good shot and by all accounts a nice long throw.  I just hope that Powell can get the best out of him as John Still has managed to.  Let's not forget that we already have Paul Benson who was apparently Daggers best player before we bought him.  So far we haven't seen anything like the form that he discovered at Dagenham.

Seems that little is known of Dale Stephens.  I've scoured the web trying to find some details but there is precious little.  I guess it's going to be a suck it and see situation.  I do know that he is a midfielder, I do know that he is believed to be a good passer of the ball and I do know that he scored 9 goals in 34 starts last season.
I'm guessing we are done with midfielders now, and it should also give the green light for Semedo to make his exit.  Although many will miss him, I think it's the right decision for everybody.  As much as you couldn't fault him for effort, I always felt that he looked like he was playing out of position.  He wasn't a natural holding midfielder, but he gave his all every time he was picked.  Who could ask for more?  I would rather he didn't end up at Palace though...

Hopefully we'll see a couple of centre-backs sign soon.  With the midfield complete and Hayes bolstering our strike force, this is an area that needs some immediate attention.  Our defence was a shambles at times last year, and no disrespect to Doc and Dailly, but we need some fresher and faster legs.

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