Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Benson staying put

Reports today confirm that Paul Benson has decided to stay at The Valley. After accepting a £150k bid from Notts County, Benson failed to agree personal terms. It's a good decision for all concerned in my opinion. Benson scored 10 goals for us last season. Ok, it's not prolific, but I think that's not bad considering it was his first season, and we didn't exactly create much in terms of clear cut chances.

Benson is a grafter, he puts everything in and I firmly believe that we'll see a bit more from him this season should he get the opportunity. I think he was treated a bit harshly by some of our fans last season so he now has a chance to show them that they were wrong about him.

Clearly the goal (no pun intended) is to find someone to play alongside Wright-Phillips. Although many would be looking at a proper target man to fill this role, we have to actually look at what we've got; and actually it isn't much. With Benson back in the mix, we have to pick two from three strikers. BWP obviously picks himself so that only leaves one starting slot plus a bench warmer.

Paul Hayes has failed to impress me thus far, and it seems the two are quite similar players in some respects, but I feel that Benson will pick up more goals than Hayes over the course of a season.

There is still talk of the possibility that Jason Euell joining us however. I think Euell ideally would rather be playing a division above, but thus far nobody has offered him a contract. I read that Doncaster Rovers would like to bring him back on a more permanent basis after his loan spell there last season, but I think he would prefer to find a club more locally.

I have no idea what kind of wages Euell would be looking for and what kind of budget is left, but you can be sure that he will be taking a significant wage cut should a deal be possible.

Whether Euell comes back to the club or not, I hope Powell is on the lookout for another striker as three just isn't going to be enough.

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