Thursday, 21 July 2011

Disappointing Draw

After some good results and more importantly good performances in pre-season thus far, the result at the EBB stadium felt a bit of a let down. Of course these are only warm up games intended to ready the squad for the League campaign, but I can't help feeling a little disappointed that we didn't do better.

I understand that the squad is still very new, but the team used is likely to be very close to the starting XI against Bournemouth, albeit with a couple of absentees with injuries. There are only a few pre-season games left now to get these players working together, so there is still plenty to be done.

We competed well but were guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net at times, we need to have more shots and take a few more risks. Our style of play has however improved dramatically and instead of being an eyesore there is actually some eye candy in terms of ball play, we just need to see a bit more confidence from players to take some shots on. Defensively we looked OK, Taylor seems solid enough but we need to see a bit more from Morrison, though Rhoys Wiggins looks to be a superb signing at this early stage.

In other news there are rumours that we have accepted a 150k bid for Paul Benson. After arriving from the Daggers I think many of us thought that he would do well for us, but for whatever reason it never really happened for him. I was however hoping that in his second League One season he might settle down and show some improvement, but maybe Powell already has a replacement in mind. It's clear we can't just let him go without bringing someone in as we are already short in attacking options.

Woking are next up as we travel to them on Saturday. I hope we see a better all round performance and hopefully a win.

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