Monday, 4 July 2011

More to come?

So after an amazing week with plenty of transfer news and excitement, the weekend fell a bit flat.  The latest signing came on Friday afternoon in the shape of Matt Taylor of Exeter.  Taylor had a fantastic couple of seasons at Exeter but was hit with some back problems, and according to the City fans hasn't really recovered.  From what I've read, I understand that if his issues are behind him then we might have a very good centre back on our hands, if not then I guess we picked him up for free so it's no great loss.

I'm hoping to see another centre back come in this week.  Taylor may be the solid type who likes to win the first ball, but I think we need someone with some legs.  There are a lot of pacey players in this league, and we were undone more than once last season due to having no pace at the back. The board have been fantastic and definitely stood up to their promise of 'significant investment', but clearly the pockets are not bottomless.  It may be that we have to look into the loan market to find a partner for Taylor, or we may already have someone lined up and the deal will be tied up this week, time will tell on this one.

Another centre back is a priority as it's pointless building the attack if we don't have the ability to keep clean sheets.  We need the midfield to have the confidence to go forward knowing that the players behind them have what it takes to stop the opposition should the attack break down.  Of course the whole team have their defensive duties but if we have a good solid defence, then the attacking players have that piece of mind and can concentrate on creating and scoring the goals we will need to win the games.

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