Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The People's Champions

Charlton ran out 1-0 winners in an entertaining game at The Valley last night. Den Bosch brought a trophy with them dubbed the 'People's Cup' to signify the historical plight of our two clubs where the fans have intervened and managed to keep the clubs alive. The match itself was pleasant enough, but the major thing I wanted to see was how the team had progressed since my last match at Aldershot. It was definitely a step forward.

Our midfield four in particular, looked very assured and more importantly well balanced, unlike last season where there were square pegs in round holes so to speak. It was also nice to see that each one of them actually wanted the ball, and their range of passing looked impressive. Hollands does a neat job of breaking things up, Green is happy to keep getting balls into the box, and we all know what JJ is capable of. But, it was Dale Stephens that caught my eye the most, he had a superb game and was happy to sit in the middle of the park spraying balls all over.

Defensively we didn't look too bad, but I am still concerned of the lack of pace. Neither Taylor nor Morrison are quick, and I think that they might be undone with some of the pacey players that we have in League One. Rhoys Wiggins seemed to have a bit of an off night. I saw him at Aldershot and he looked good, and judging by other reports he has had a decent pre-season, but it didn't really happen for him tonight. Still, rather he gets it out of his system before the Bournemouth game.

I guess it's now time I eat a bit of humble pie. I don't know if Paul Hayes read my blog yesterday (I admit, it's doubtful) but he definitely had a spring in his step, it was as if he was trying to prove me wrong on what I said yesterday. He succeeded. He looked a totally different player to what I've seen of him before. He showed some great touches, got in some excellent positions and was unlucky not to score. I hope he keeps it up. BWP was his usual self, often doesn't seem to do a lot, but when the chances come along, he buries them. Not surprising then that only goal of the game came from Wright-Phillips, a stylish lob over the keeper.

All in all a good night's work. The rest of the squad will get a run out at Bromley tomorrow night and the others will likely be rested for the game against Millwall on Saturday.

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