Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Elliot out, Benno next?

Rob Elliot has has finally secured his move to Newcastle United. I don't think this comes as any surprise to either set of fans. The Magpies put in a paltry offer a couple of weeks ago which Charlton rejected immediately. Who knows what the fee was in the end as it was yet another undisclosed fee, all we can do is guess that it was more than the 100k than was originally bid.

I hope Elliot does actually get some action with Newcastle. They don't exactly have a shortage of keepers, it's a bit of a puzzle why they actually wanted him. They have two decent keepers in Steve Harper and Tim Krul and presumably Pardew wants Elliot as their third choice keeper even though they already have Ole Soderberg who can perform that duty. Still, I wish Robbie all the luck in the world, I hope he breaks through and does well there, though I think it's going to be a tough ask.

In other transfer news it appears that Paul Benson could be the next player to leave The Valley with Bradford City and former boss Phil Parkinson seemingly the front runners. Parkinson has already signed Addicks reject Kyel Reid, so maybe he is looking to put his old team back together to hoof his way out of League Two...

In terms of players coming in we have been linked with one or two players though time is running out and we may have to grab a loan signing for a bit of cover. We will certainly need another striker should the Benson deal go ahead and although Powell isn't too fond of loanees, there might not be too much choice at this late stage.


  1. Good man!

    I'm a Newcastle fan, Harper is injured too much so Elliot will be number 2.

    His deal got over shadowed by Santons move from Inter Milan though haha.

  2. Santon is a great signing for you, I was surprised to see it happen to be honest.

    Anyway as I said, I really hope Robbie does well for the Toon, he's a great lad and he is a decent shot stopper. There's a bit of work to be done on his positional play, but he is still young enough to learn.

  3. "it's a bit of a puzzle why they actually wanted him"...

    I agree, but equally, EA, it's more of a puzzle to me as to why someone of Robbie's age wants to play 3rd choice (it's not even like he'll be involved on a matchday at all, one would assume). I appreciate the salary may have been too good to ignore (especially given the length of contract), but if was to have moved on, I would have liked Robbie to show a greater desire to play. In this respect, I could have understood if he'd gone to a Championship club, for example. If this is about development and the next few years then - with the greatest respect to Robbie, of whom I'm a big fan - I don't see him ever featuring regularly in the Prem. league.

    It was interesting that only yesterday Phil Brown of PNE was praising his Scottish international keeper for staying in League One and playing week in, week out despite the temptation to move up the divisions. He said "There are an awful lot of decent goalkeeper sitting on their backsides in the Premier League and the Championship and are not prepared to do what Iain Turner's done".

    Food for though...

    I genuinely wish him well and thank him for his efforts with Charlton, and I hope it works out for him professionally.

    Last point: interesting comment from the Toon fan as, like his opinion of Harper, I've always felt Elliot was rather prone to an injury.

  4. You make a very fair point Ted. The trouble is, these types of decisions are made on a regular basis by footballers looking to further their careers. Sometimes it works out, often it doesn't.

    We only have to look back at Scott Parker's exit to see one that didn't go so well. Of course due to the calibre of player Parker is, he picked up his career again, but he had to move clubs to do that. Goalkeepers don't get the opportunities that outfield players get so it's going to be especially hard for Rob Elliot.

    As we know, players are often influenced into making decisions by people close to them. It's hard to know exactly what Elliot's motivations are, it could just be a case that he has been given bad advice by someone that he trusts.

    My advice to Robbie would have been to take the contract on offer from Charlton, be part of a successful promotion campaign, and look at his options again next season. I firmly believe you get more options playing football, even for a lower league club, than you do sitting on the bench.

    That said, I wonder how easily I would have been able to turn down a lucrative contract at a club the size of Newcastle when I was in my mid-twenties.

    Deepest Darkest makes some good points on this issue in his latest blog which is definitely worth a read if you haven't seen it already.