Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Elliot staying or going?

I'm not sure what's happening on the goalkeeper front but after signing Ben Hamer from Reading I was convinced we would see an exit from Rob Elliot. Judging by his twitter feed, Elliot isn't really sure what's happening either.

To add to the confusion the CAFC squad numbers were released today with Ben Hamer claiming the number one jersey, John Sullivan with number thirteen and Rob Elliot gets number forty four!

There are rumours that the contract which is on offer isn't what Elliot was expecting and talks have stalled. This could also explain the reasons why Elliot is saying that he wants to stay (though only for the right contract). I may well have all this wrong and it could be a case that Chris Powell just doesn't fancy him as our main goalkeeper for the coming season.

As well as Hamer coming in, we also picked up Andy Hughes on a free transfer. A friend of mine is a Leeds fan and he thinks we've grabbed a bargain. Hughes made over 100 League One appearances with Leeds, so if nothing else he has a fair bit of experience to offer. I understand that he is a 100% man. Not a player that will pull up trees, but someone who is solid and works his socks off for the team.

Hughes has been given the number two shirt which often goes to the right-back. I guess that's a big hint as to where Powell might be thinking of utilising him. Hughes can play in both full back positions and has also been used in midfield on a number of occasions.

As I mentioned,the CAFC squad numbers have been announced. No doubt most have already seen them but here's the link to the official page where you will find the full list.

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