Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dropped points but staying positive.

So another game that we should probably have won slips by, and the league table doesn't make for great reading. As with Blackburn on Saturday, Watford were there for the taking, yet somehow we failed to capitalise.

Clearly our problem is a lack of goals. Only Ipswich, who languish in the bottom three, have scored fewer. Looking at our goals against column, we can take heart that there are teams above that have shipped more.

It therefore appears that if we can address our failure to convert chances, we might be able to pull ourselves out of this predicament. Ricardo Fuller is doing his part but things aren't going so well for BWP who has struggled thus far.

It's hard to lay the blame at Bradley's door entirely as he has been a victim of both the wrong system and a lack of quality service. Admittedly he has missed some chances that he might have buried during the last campaign, but his work rate this term has generally been good.

Maybe he is a good League One striker trying to punch above his weight? The same could be said for a number of our players if course, though I think Brad just needs a goal to kickstart things.

More disappointing than our results has been the reaction of some of our 'fans'. With less than 10 games played a section of the supporters are already on the teams back. Ben Hamer was subject to some abuse on Twitter last night, and there are many negative comments to be heard around the ground and on social networking sites.

I believe that fans have the right to air their views, though I think personal attacks via Twitter do more harm than good. The team are working hard right now but we are falling short on a bit of quality and we are desperate for a little slice of luck.

Our team needs us to show support, to get behind them. They do not need the added pressure of fans being on their backs. The effort is most definitely there and if we keep it up things will improve, I'm sure of it.


  1. Good Post, EA. Nice to read fair-minded views.

    Hungry Ted

    1. Cheers Ted, likewise your own article today. Some of the criticism the team has come under seems wide of the mark, and although it's frustrating to miss out on 4 more points, it's not for their lack of trying.